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Tank Screens
and Solar Shields

Available in a range of sizes, our tank screens and solar shields prevent leaves, debris, mosquitoes, vermin and sunlight from entering your rainwater tank via the tank inlet. This helps to preserve your rainwater quality by reducing nutrient loads, light and algae growth – and preventing mosquitoes from using your rainwater to breed in.

Solar Shield
Solar Shield
3 Sizes
Maintenance Tray
Maintenance Tray
300mm or 400mm
Tank Cover
Tank Cover
3 Sizes
Tank Screen
Tank Screen
5 Sizes
  • Benefits of Tank Screens and Solar Shields
    • Protect stored rainwater quality
    • Manage your rainwater tank inlets
    • Prevent mosquitoes, insects and other vermin entering your tank
    • Filter leaves and debris to keep them out of your tank
    • Decreased maintenance time with easy-clean guardian
    • Reduce light and algae growth in your tank
    • AS4020 compliant
    • Multiple sizes available to suit all tank inlets
  • Tank Screens and Solar Shield FAQs

    What is “water bounce”?

    Water bounce occurs when fast flowing water from your tank inlet pipes “bounces” off your mosquito-proof tank inlet screen, reducing your water catchment efficiency. This may occur during heavy downpours, when too many pipes are feeding a single screen, or if your mosquito-proof tank inlet screen has become obstructed by leaves and debris. Replacing your tank inlet screen with a mosquito-proof Maelstrom filter is an effective way to prevent water bounce and improve your water catchment efficiency.

    How many pipes can I have going onto my tank screen?

    It is common to have two 90mm (3″) pipes feeding a single tank screen. If additional pipes are plumbed, it is important to consider the capacity of your tank overflow outlets. Your outlets should balance your inlet pipe volume so that the combined cross-sectional area of the inlet pipes does not exceed the cross-sectional area of the outlet. You may need to install an additional tank overflow outlet or enlarge your existing one to accommodate the volume of water from additional inlet pipes.

    How do I clean my Tank Screen?

    For detailed maintenance instructions, visit the Support page for your chosen product.

    My tank is overflowing at the inlet rather than the outlet. What should I do?

    1. Check that your tank screen is free from debris, ie. leaves, sediment
    2. Your tank outlet may be restricted by a blocked Mozzie Stoppa or another obstruction.
    3. Check your overflow outlet for the presence of an obstruction and remove.
    4. Alternately, the level of your tank overflow may sit above the base of your tank inlet.
    5. Check that the outlet pipe is equal to or greater than the combind capacity of the pipe feeding your tank inlet
    6. If a Mozzie Stoppa is installed, remove, inspect and clean if necessary before reinstalling it at the outlet or replacing with a Mozzie Stoppa Easy-Clean.

    If your inlet/overflow issue persists, remove your tank screen and check for floating debris on the water surface. Floating debris such as sworf from the tank installation process’ may be blocking the Mozzie Stoppa during overflow and drifting away from the overflow when overflow has stopped.

    Can I install a Maintenance Tray with a Solar Cover?


    Do I need to screw my Solar Cover onto my tank screen?


    Why is there a film on my tank screen?

    Fine particles can accumulate on your tank screen’s mosquito-proof mesh. This may block the water flow. To prevent this problem, regularly maintain your tank screen or replace it with a Maelstrom filter.

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