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Tank Level Gauges

Our monitoring gauges make monitoring your water levels and water use easy. Easy-to-read screens and reliable technology help you better understand your water consumption and take control of your water use. Utilise the rainwater tank gauges and the hose meters to suit your required application.

Tank Gauge Plus<br> Powered by Sigfox®
Tank Gauge Plus
Powered by Sigfox®
3 Sizes
Tank Gauge Wireless
Tank Gauge Wireless
Hose Meter
Hose Meter
Tank Gauge
Tank Gauge
  • Benefits of Monitoring Gauges
    • Easily measure stored rainwater
    • Easily measure your outdoor water use thanks to visual indication of water level
    • Install and maintain with ease
    • Monitor from a convenient location
    • Take control of your water use as you better understand your water consumption
    • Reliable float system technology (tank gauges)
    • Variety of products to suit your needs and application
    • Easily calibrate gauges to suit different size tanks
  • Monitoring Gauges FAQs

    How do I install my monitoring gauges?

    For full installation instructions, visit the Support page for your chosen product.

    Can I install my tank gauge on an angle?

    Yes. All our tank gauges can be installed on an angle.

    Can I install my tank gauge in a fuel tank?

    No. The materials our tank gauges are made from are not suitable for use with fuel.

    Can I install my Hose Meter directly onto the hose nozzle?


    How long will my Tank Gauge Wireless batteries last?

    Your batteries should last for 12-18 months.

    What is the range of the Tank Gauge Wireless?

    With a clear line of site, the Tank Gauge Wireless has a range of 100 metres (328 feet). Any obstructions between the transmitter and receiver will reduce this range.

    Do I need a clear line of sight for my Tank Gauge Wireless?

    No, however, your Tank Gauge Wireless’s range will reduce as objects are placed between the transmitter and receiver.

    Can I install my Tank Gauge Wireless underground?

    Yes, however, your Tank Gauge Wireless’s range will reduce if it is placed underground.

    Access to the Tank Gauge Wireless is required for battery changes.

    Can I install more than one Tank Gauge Wireless on my property?

    Yes, you can install multiple Tank Gauge Wireless on a single property.

    We recommend that you indicate which receiver matches each tank for easier readings.

    How do I replace the batteries on my Rain Alert?

    Although the Rain Alert is no longer available to purchase, the product may simply need new batteries to function properly.

    The Green Rocket Transmitter is fitted with a replaceable 3-volt lithium battery. 10 years (estimated life).

    Battery description CR2430.

    To access the battery, remove the two screws on the underside/base of the Green Rocket. The cap will pull away to reveal the battery which can be replaced.

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