Tank Gauge Plus • Rain Harvesting

Our first IoT innovation product

Tank Gauge Plus
Powered by Sigfox®

Monitor your rainwater level, inflows and usage
from the top of your tank or your mobile device.

Know your water tank
levels in real-time

Track your tank volume, in flows and out flows
with automatic updates every ten minutes.

Monitor Your Tank Levels From Almost Anywhere

Water tanks can be found almost anywhere – from next to your house to a remote property in any country in the world. Powered by Bluetooth, Sigfox, NBIoT or Satellite technology, our range of digital tank gauges have been designed so that there is a solution for almost any location.

Reliable and Accurate Monitoring

Over the years, we have used many measuring technologies for water tanks and our simple float system continues to be the most accurate, reliable and versatile. Able to be easily installed on flat, curved or angled tanks up to 4 metres (158 inches), you will enjoy trouble-free, accurate tank monitoring performance.

Real-Time Data For One or More Tanks

With real-time data updated every 10 minutes or as frequently as you want, it is easy to track the inflows, outflows and volume of your water tanks – either one or multiple tanks with the one app. Review historical data for the day, week, month or year, and view your data in % and litres or gallons.

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