Our Mission: To help people collect rainwater.


We exist to help people collect rainwater – everyday.  For over 35 years we have learnt, studied, listened, spoken to, and created solutions to help people collect Rainwater.   


The act of collecting rainwater – the art of being a Rain Harvester – is the same no matter where you are in the world. 



Tuvalu to Mexico 

Brazil to Kuala Lumpur 

Toowoomba to Kununurra 

Germany to Alaska


– if you collect rainwater, we all share the same experience, challenges and opportunities. We are all #Rain Harvesters. 


Every single day our Rain Harvesting team help Rain Harvesters across the world. We share system designs, we discuss system issues and improvements, we design and make new products, create educational materials, online courses and talk to people. We talk to people to learn and be inspired by how people collect rainwater.  We hope to inspire new Rain Harvesters to start, help them to solve problems and learn to care for their Rain Harvesting system, big or small. All day every day our quest is to help people collect rainwater. We love it. 


We know the value collecting rainwater delivers.  Not everyone does it, but those that do, we know and love the journey and cannot wait to be part of it.  


We need like-minded people to help us on our mission – people who have trodden the path and have been on their own journey with collecting rainwater. We want to tell your stories about how, when and why you collect rainwater. We need true Rain Harvesters to share their stories. The more stories we can share together and the more people we can reach, we truly think we can help more and more people. It’s part of us helping people collect rainwater everyday – and we would love you to join us on this journey. #rainharvesters  



Water Journey : Water Balance

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