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Tank Level Gauges
Use the Rain Harvesting Tank Gauge and accurately monitor your rainwater supply with this easy-to-read, tank-top water level indicator.
Size TATG02
Tatg02 Ksp1

Measure stored water at a glance

The Tank Gauge helps you make better water usage decisions by revealing how quickly your water supply is replenished during rainfall events. Its easy-to-read dial face features “Empty” and “Full” indicators to offer a more meaningful measurement than numbered dials.


Tatg02 Ksp2

Monitor your water consumption

By tracking and understanding how much water you use for different activities, you can take the necessary steps to avoid unexpected shortfalls and make your rainwater supply last longer. You may even learn you can use more water than you thought!

Tatg02 Ksp3

Install and maintain with ease

The Tank Gauge can be easily sealed directly to your tank. With no batteries or wiring and a straightforward, mechanical design, it requires next to no maintenance and is suitable for all vented aboveground and belowground tanks up to 2.5 metres / 100 inches in height.

Monitoring Gauges clearly display your water levels and/or water usage to help you Monitor and Maintain your rainwater storage.

Understanding your usage and needs can help you to Plan for Volume appropriately.

Learn more about the 4 pillars of designing a Rain Harvesting system. 

  • Specifications

    Rain Harvesting Tank Gauge Specification Dimensions

  • Installation
    1. Select an installation point on top of your tank for your Tank Gauge. Ideally, this should be a flat area that will allow you to view the gauge face easily. Mark your chosen installation point.
    2. Use a power drill fitted with a 32mm (1.25″) spade bit or holesaw to create a 32mm (1.25″) hole in your tank at the marked location.
    3. Carefully remove the front clear cover from your Tank Gauge with the edge of a flathead screwdriver or 5 cent piece (nickel) to enable access to the moveable empty and full indicators
    4. Note: Steps 5-10 are more easily accomplished with two people working together.
    5. Have one person hold the base of your Tank Gauge at the height of the previously drilled installation hole and have the other person lower the float until the top of the float is level with the bottom of your tank overflow outlet. If your overflow outlet is not near the installation site, measure down from a known common point on the tank and use this measurement to set the float as described.
    6. Move the green “full” dial/indicator to where the black water level dial/indicator is pointing.
    7. While one person continues to hold your gauge in place as described in step 5, have the other person lower the float until the top of the float is level with the bottom of your tank pump outlet.
    8. Move the red “empty” dial/indicator to where the black water level dial/indicator is pointing.
    9. Replace the front clear cover.
    10. Retract the string and float to 90% level. Pinch the string with your finger against your Tank Gauge body to prevent the string retracting any further.
    11. Bring your gauge and float up to the installation hole and lower the float through the installation hole until it rests in the water. Position the gauge body in and over the installation hole.
    12. Position your gauge so that the “full” and “empty” indicators are clearly visible from the ground.
    13. Using the supplied screws, secure your Tank Gauge to the top of your tank.
  • What's in the box?
    • Tank Gauge with solid float attached
    • 2 screws
  • Tools you may require
    • Marker pen
    • Tape measure
    • 32mm (1.25″) spade bit or 32mm holesaw
    • Flathead screwdriver or 5 cent piece (nickel)
    • Screwdriver
  • Product FAQs

    How do I install my monitoring gauges?

    For full installation instructions, visit the Installation section for your chosen product.

    Can I install my tank gauge on an angle?

    Yes. All our tank gauges can be installed on an angle.

    Can I install my tank gauge in a fuel tank?

    Our products are designed and tested for use with rainwater.

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