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Floating Off Take Valve

Floating Off Take Valve
The Floating Off Take Valve improves the quality of water delivered to your home by ensuring that only the cleanest water is drawn from your tank.
Size 25mm FOTV01

Draw the cleanest water for your home

Automatically ensures the cleanest water is drawn from the top of your tank where the water contains less sediment.

Less Maintenance

Adding a floating off take valve to your rain harvesting system reduces maintenance by allowing
minimal sediment to be drawn into your water supply.

How it works

The Floating Off Take Valve uses a float to suspend a hose below the surface of the water in your tank. The hose is connected to the tank outlet and allows the cleanest water in the tank to be drawn rather than water from the base of the tank where sediment is deposited.

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  • Specifications

  • Installation
    1. If your tank is already being used, make sure to empty it prior to installing the Floating Off Take Valve. Be sure to also remove any sediment from the bottom of the tank at this stage.
    2. Confirm that the tank is fitted with a 25mm outlet (1 inch BSP).
    3. Measure the distance between the tank outlet and the overflow. The Floating Off Take Valve is supplied with a 2m hose but this can be trimmed to suit if the distance between the tank outlet and overflow is shorter.
    4. Prepare the thread of the Floating Off Take Valve with Teflon thread tape.
    5. Screw the Floating Off Take Valve into the tank outlet.
    6. Refill the tank.
  • Maintenance

    Your Floating Off Take Valve is fitted with a stainless steel filter to prevent debris from entering the valve. Periodically check the filter to make sure that it doesn’t become obstructed.

  • What's in the box?
    • 25mm floating off take valve
    • 2m hose
  • Tools you may require
    • Teflon thread tape
    • 34mm spanner
    • Screwdriver
    • Knife

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