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Pipe Bracing Bracket

Pipe Bracing Brackets
Used to brace two downpipes together, especially where it is not possible to use a standard wall bracket.
Size 90mm WDAC24
Size 100mm WDAC23
  • 90mm
  • 100mm


Firmly braces two downpipes together
Adjustable for different pipe spacings
Comes in kit form with all required fasteners
Especially useful when positioning First Flush diversion chambers
next to existing downpipes
  • Specifications

  • What's in the box?
    • Bracket x 2
    • 35mm Screws x 2 (for pipe fastening)
    • 15mm Screws x 2 (for Pipe Spacing Adjustment Slots)
    • Nuts x 4
  • Tools/materials you may require
    • Spanner
    • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Installation
    1. Using the 15mm screws and 2 nuts, fasten the two brackets together loosely by inserting the screws in the Pipe Spacing Adjustment Slots.
    2. Flex each side of the pipe bracket over each pipe, and slide the two brackets along the Pipe Spacing Adjustment Slots until the correct pipe spacing is achieved.
    3. Use the 35mm screws and 2 nuts to tighten and secure the brackets around the pipes.
    4. Tighten the 15mm screws in the Pipe Spacing Adjustment Slots to fix the bracket spacing between the pipes.
  • Sample Installation Diagram

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