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Across our entire range, our business is built upon the same three core pillars: products, customer service and education.

Products. We invest extensively in research, innovation and product development to deliver high-quality products you can rely upon – products that perform better, for longer.

Customer Service. We offer extensive advice, support and in-depth services at no cost to all our customers so you get the best possible return from your investment with us.

Education. We provide comprehensive, easy-to-understand resources laying out the “why” and “how” behind our products and systems so you can make informed decisions for better results.

Check out the articles below or search by your favourite brand to adopt our philosophy and learn how to make the most of your property’s potential.


Introducing Blue Mountain Co

We may look a bit different, but we’re still the same brand you’ve come to rely upon.

Article, Blue Mountain Co

Why Keep Inorganic Matter Out of Your Rain Harvesting System?

Say “no” to harmful contaminants in your tank

Article, Rain Harvesting

What is Water Security?

It may be one of the greatest challenges facing the modern world, but there is hope

Article, Rain Harvesting

What is “Tanking”?

Article, Rain Harvesting

What is a “Wet” Rain Harvesting system?

With their characteristic network of underground pipes, wet systems come with unique challenges and benefits

Article, Rain Harvesting

What is a “Dry” Rain Harvesting system?

With their straightforward roof-to-tank pipe configuration, dry systems come with unique pros and cons

Article, Rain Harvesting

“Wet” & “Dry” Rain Harvesting systems: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to classifying your Rain Harvesting system type, it’s all in the pipes

Article, Rain Harvesting

Water Wise Habits

Sustainable water practices are good for your bank balance and good for the planet

Article, Rain Harvesting

Water Storage & Rainwater Tank Selection

Cost, space and preference can all affect your choice of rainwater tank

Article, Rain Harvesting

Why use First Flush Diverters? 

As the main defence against fine particles, first flush diverters are every rain harvester’s friend

Article, Rain Harvesting

Calculating Your Roof Surface Area for Rain Harvesting

Knowing your roof size is vital if you want to calculate how much rainwater you can harvest

Article, Rain Harvesting

Reasons for Using Rainwater: Some of the Benefits of Rain Harvesting

Necessity, environmental concerns, cost savings and personal preference can all influence rainwater use

Article, Rain Harvesting

Rainwater Research in Australia & New Zealand

With the right system design and maintenance, rain harvesting can bring many benefits

Article, Rain Harvesting

Rainwater Quality & Safety 

To harvest safe, high quality rainwater, you simply need the right equipment and processes

Article, Rain Harvesting

Rain Harvesting & Water Security in Urban Areas

Rain harvesting is one solution to the challenge of water security in urban areas

Article, Rain Harvesting

Pump Selection – Distributing Rainwater Around Your Home

Distributing rainwater around your property is the final step in the Rain Harvesting process

Article, Rain Harvesting

Plastic / Polyethylene Water Tanks

Strength, versatility and ease of installation are just some of the key selling points for plastic water tanks

Article, Rain Harvesting

Our Main Uses of Water

You may be surprised to learn where all your water goes

Article, Rain Harvesting

National Guidelines for Use of Rainwater Tanks

Learn what the enHealth Council has to say on using rainwater for drinking and other uses.

Article, Rain Harvesting

Mosquito Prevention in Rain Harvesting Systems

Mosquito-borne disease is no joke – but with the right precautions, you can keep these pests out of your Rain Harvesting System.

Article, Rain Harvesting

Metal (Steel) Water Tanks: A History

Metal water tanks have long been a popular choice, but they’ve evolved considerably over the years

Article, Rain Harvesting

Keeping Mosquitoes out of Your Rain Harvesting System

Mosquito-proofing your Rain Harvesting System is vital – and thankfully pretty easy

Article, Rain Harvesting

Ideal Uses for Rainwater Around Your Property

Flushing toilets and watering the garden aren’t the only ways you can use rainwater around your property

Article, Rain Harvesting

Damage from Stormwater Runoff – The Impact of Urban Development

The humble rain harvesting system offers an answer to this serious environmental problem

Article, Rain Harvesting

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