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Rain Harvesting

A common misconception about collecting rainwater is that all you need is a big tank, a few pipes and gutters, and some rain. However, this approach to collecting rainwater may not allow you to collect enough water for your requirements. Even if you do get the volume of water you need, this method may compromise your water’s quality, rendering it unfit for purpose. At Blue Mountain Co, we refer to this approach as “tanking”.

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Tanking vs Rain Harvesting

If you take a tanking approach to rainwater collection, you risk missing out on the quality and quantity of rainwater you want or need for use around your property. In contrast, taking a Rain Harvesting approach will give you cleaner rainwater and lots of it. Rain Harvesting involves using tested and proven equipment and end-to-end processes to harvest, filter, store and distribute fit-for-purpose rainwater.

A properly-designed Rain Harvesting system will apply progressive layers of protection to prevent contamination and deliver water that’s clear, colourless and odourless. It will also be built to harvest and store the volume of water you require so you have a plentiful supply available when you need it.

4 Pillars of Rain Harvesting system design

If you want a Rain Harvesting system that delivers on its promise of cleaner rainwater and lots of it, it’s important to understand the Rain Harvesting 4 pillars of system design. The system design pillars outline a process for designing your Rain Harvesting system – or improving your existing one.  By following these pillars, you can ensure your rainwater isn’t contaminated by vegetation, fine particles, animals, insects and sunlight; maximise the volume of rainwater you harvest; and maintain the quality of the rainwater in your tank.

This approach to rainwater collection has been tested and tried and is based on research by leading Rain Harvesting scientists. To learn more about the 4 Pillars to Rain Harvesting system design, click here.  Or, if you’d like to see examples of Rain Harvesting system designs, you can check out our standard system designs.

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The Benefits of Rain Harvesting

No matter where you live, rain harvesting can bring a number of benefits. From the savings associated with lower water bills and delivery costs, to lowering your ecological footprint, ensuring a quality supply of water, and everything in between, there are many reasons to consider investing in a Rain Harvesting system for your home or business.

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The Uses of Rainwater

Rainwater that is appropriately harvested and stored can offer a sustainable source of water that’s ideal for use inside and outside your home. In contrast to harvesting dam water, which requires an extensive treatment process to ensure a quality fit for human use, rainwater harvesting requires simple but effective processes and equipment to prevent contamination and preserve water quality.

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