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Improve your existing Rain Harvesting system or design a new one with the help
of our Rain Harvesting experts and our free system design service.

Why should you do it

Our Rain Harvesting specialists have the experience and technical knowledge necessary to help you design a Rain Harvesting system that delivers cleaner rainwater and lots of it.

This tailored, in-depth service will provide you with a comprehensive Rain Harvesting system design for your property and is available for free.

What’s involved?

Simply complete the online Rain Harvesting Design Service form which captures your needs and system requirements. Share as much information as you have available and don’t be concerned if you can’t answer all the questions. Our Rain Harvesting experts are also available on (07) 3248 9600 to discuss your system and any special requirements you have.


What you’ll receive

Our Rain Harvesting experts will review your system and needs to determine your optimum Rain Harvesting design. Your design will be documented in a comprehensive report that includes all the information you need to install and maintain our system.


Your selection

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