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Mozzie Stoppa Advanced Max Flow

Insect Proof Tank Overflow Screens
Mozzie Stoppa Advanced Max Flow improves water quality by keeping pests out of the rainwater tank and allowing the tank water to breathe. The Max Flow adaptors increase the area of mesh, which allow the highest water throughout, which improves overflow performance. The removable screen makes maintenance and cleaning easy.
Size 90mm TATO73
Size 100mm TATO74
  • 90mm
  • 100mm
MS Advanced MF Drawing 4

Higher Flow Rates

The Mozzie Stoppa Advanced Max Flow allows higher flow rates by increasing the open area of mesh in your system. This also means you can reduce the frequency in which the screens need to be maintained and checked for build-up of debris.

MS Advanced MF Installed2

Stop mosquitoes from getting in

With its mosquito-proof 955 micron stainless steel screen, the Mozzie Stoppa Advanced Max Flow protects your rainwater quality by stopping mosquitoes and larger insects and animals from getting into your tank via your tank overflow outlet pipes.


MS Advanced MF Screen3

Easy to maintain

The Mozzie Stoppa Advanced Max Flow includes an easily removable mesh screen for simple maintenance. Being able to completely remove the mesh screen allows you to brush or hose off any debris or build up anywhere that is convenient.

The Mozzie-Stoppa Advanced protects your rainwater by utilising a removable 955 micron stainless steel screen that keeps mosquitoes and other pests from getting into your tank through the overflow.

Tank ventilation is important for the health of your rainwater, and so is avoiding contamination by mosquitoes and other pests. Importantly, it still lets water flow out so your tank outlets can continue to fulfil their main purpose, uninterrupted.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Specifications

  • What's in the box?
    • Mozzie Stoppa Advanced
    • Max Flow Adaptors
    • Socket to Socket Adaptor
  • Tools you might need
    • Tape measure
    • Marker pen
    • Saw
    • Solvent weld glue (optional)
  • Installation
    1. Select an installation point for your Mozzie Stoppa™ Advanced Max Flow. As it will require regular maintenance, we recommend installing in a position that allows for easy access and cleaning. In most cases, the best position will be directly into the overflow outlet of your tank with the handle pointing upwards. Also ensure that the installation position allows the handle to be removed fully.

    2. If necessary, measure and remove a section of pipe leaving a gap between your overflow outlet and overflow pipe. For a Mozzie Stoppa™ Advanced Max Flow 90mm, we recommend removing approximately 128mm. And for the 100mm version, we recommend removing approximately 216mm. Once the pipes are cut, ensure the edges are clean and smooth.

    3. Prior to gluing, remove the Mozzie Stoppa Advanced mesh cartridge, so that there is no chance of glue getting on the mesh.

    4. Glue the Mozzie Stoppa™ Advanced body into the provided Max Flow adaptors. Ideally the indicators on the adaptors should line up with the corresponding indicators on the Mozzie Stoppa™ Advanced body.

      NOTE: The taper of the Max Flow adaptors should allow water to flow unrestricted through the Mozzie Stoppa. See the dimensional drawing and product photo for reference.

    5. Use solvent weld glue to install the Mozzie Stoppa™ Advanced Max Flow into the gap you made in Step 2, between your overflow outlet and overflow pipe.

    6. Once the solvent weld glue has dried, re-install your mesh cartridge into the Mozzie Stoppa™ Advanced body to secure your system and prevent pests from entering your tank.

  • Maintenance

    Your Mozzie Stoppa™ Advanced Max Flow is designed to make maintenance and cleaning easy. Remove the mesh cartridge by pulling the handle by pulling it directly out of the body. Replace the mesh cartridge immediately after cleaning by firmly inserting it back into the corresponding slot in the body so it continues to form a barrier against mosquitoes, frogs and pests. Periodically inspect the mesh cartridge o-ring to ensure that the system seal is still performing optimally.

  • Product FAQs

    Where do I install my Mozzie Stoppa?

    You can use your Mozzie Stoppa to protect any pipe opening and create a mosquito- and pest-proof barrier. Mozzie Stoppas are typically installed to rainwater tank overflow outlet pipework to help mosquito-proof your tank. To learn more about installation, visit the Support page for your chosen product.

    My tank is overflowing at the inlet rather than the outlet. What should I do?

    1. Check that your tank screen is free from debris, ie. leaves, sediment
      Your tank outlet may be restricted by a blocked Mozzie Stoppa or another obstruction.
    2. Check your overflow outlet for the presence of an obstruction and remove.
    3. Alternately, the level of your tank overflow may sit above the base of your tank inlet.
    4. Check that the outlet pipe is equal to or greater than the combind capacity of the pipe feeding your tank inlet
    5. If a Mozzie Stoppa is installed, remove, inspect and clean if necessary before reinstalling it at the outlet.

    If your inlet/overflow issue persists, remove your tank screen and check for floating debris on the water surface. Floating debris such as sworf from the tank installation process’ may be blocking the Mozzie Stoppa during overflow and drifting away from the overflow when overflow has stopped.

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