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The Plug 3-in-1

Fire Plugs
The all-in-one fire plug, gutter cleaner and rainwater diverter.
Size 90mm GSFP02
1 Defend V2


Protect your home from bushfires.

By allowing you to quickly fill your gutters with water, the fire plug helps defend your home against bushfire and ember attack. Your gutters are strengthened to better withstand high temperatures and the water also prevents embers from setting leaves or debris in your gutters alight.

2 Clean


Keep debris from clogging your gutters.

Hose your roof to conveniently flush leaves and other debris from your gutters without contaminating your rainwater system.

3 Divert


Divert water to your pool or garden.

Connect a garden hose and divert rainwater to top up your pool or use around the garden.

  • Specifications

  • Reference Chart

  • What's in the box?
    • The Plug 3-in-1 ‘T’
    • Threaded End Cap
    • 1″ to 3/4″ Adaptor
    • The Plug 3-in-1 Tap Valve
    • Hose Connector
    • Sliding Gate Valve
    • 90mm Section of Pipe
    • 90mm Brackets x 2
  • Tools/material you may require
    • Tape measure
    • Marker pen
    • Saw
    • PVC primer
    • Solvent cement
  • Installation

    NOTE: When The Plug 3-in-1 is activated, there will be a considerable weight of water in the roof gutter, therefore it is important to check that the roof gutter system has been installed to the Building Code and Australian Standards, and ensure that it has the appropriate number of support brackets. After fitting, test the effectiveness of the system.

    1. Decide where you want to install The Plug 3-in-1 so it is at a convenient height – waist to chest height is suggested. If there is a rain head installed or other opening on the existing downpipe, The Plug 3-in-1 must be installed higher to function. Remove a portion of your existing downpipe of approx. 220mm length. Ensure all cut edges are clean and smooth.
    2. Using the appropriate PVC primer and solvent cement, glue The Plug 3-in-1 ‘T’ into position so that the threaded end cap
      can be unscrewed easily when the system is fixed to the wall.

      Glue the supplied 90mm section of pipe into the base of The Plug 3-in-1 and into the top of the Sliding Gate Valve. Glue
      the Sliding Gate Valve to your existing downpipe. Fit the pipe bracket provided directly under The Plug 3-in-1 to share the
      weight of water that will be in the pipe. Fit the other pipe bracket onto the pipe under the Sliding Gate Valve to share the
      weight of the water. Fit more brackets at appropriate places along the pipe if required to ensure the pipe system
      is adequately supported.

      The Plug 3-in-1 may be oriented so the hose connection and sliding gate valve are facing left or right. Do not install the
      The Plug 3-in-1 in a manner that will cause an obstruction or where it can be bumped or broken.

    3. Once the PVC joints are cured, screw the Threaded End Cap to The Plug 3-in-1 ‘T’ followed by the 1″ to 3/4″ Adaptor,
      The Plug 3-in-1 Tap Valve and Hose Connector as shown in the diagram.
    4. Ensure all cut edges are clean and smooth.
  • How it works

    Fire Plug use

    • Turn The Plug 3-in-1 tap valve to the off position
    • Ensure the Sliding Gate Valve is in the closed position
    • Connect a garden hose to The Plug 3-in-1 hose connection and turn on the water supply
    • Slowly turn ON The Plug 3-in-1 valve
    • When the gutter is full, turn The Plug 3-in-1 valve OFF,
      turn the hose tap OFF, and remove the hose for other uses

    Rainwater diverting use

    During periods of rainfall, you can connect a garden hose to The Plug 3-in-1 to divert rainwater to use elsewhere.

    • Ensure the Sliding Gate Valve is in the closed position
    • Connect one end of a garden hose to The Plug 3-in-1 hose connection and the other end where you wish the rainwater to be diverted to
    • Turn on The Plug 3-in-1 tap valve

    Gutter cleaning use

    When cleaning out your gutters, use The Plug 3-in-1 to flush out leaves and debris without contaminating your rainwater system.

    • Ensure the Sliding Gate Valve is in the closed position
    • Carefully unscrew the threaded end cap so water and debris can flow freely out of the T section
    • Place a suitable container near the outlet of The Plug 3-in-1 if you wish to capture the water and debris as it is flushed out
    • Using a garden hose, direct a stream of water onto your roof to flush leaves and debris through your downpipe. You may need to use a brush, or other manual method, to clear clogged gutters or pipes. Continue until water runs clear through The Plug 3-in-1.
    • After removing any leaves and other debris from the T section, screw the threaded end cap back on to reassemble The Plug 3-in-1.

    Normal (inactive) use

    • Ensure the Sliding Gate Valve is in the open position
    • Ensure The Plug 3-in-1 tap valve is in the closed position

    After use

    Ensure that all water is drained from the system, or mosquitoes may breed in the roof gutters. If you have a rainwater catchment system and there has been a fire, BEFORE opening the Sliding Gate Valve again, flush the roof gutter system through the The Plug 3-in-1 tap to remove any dead embers and ash.

    Handy Hints

    Before filling the downpipes and gutters with water, make sure that they are adequately supported. On an average house with 70m of gutter, plus four downpipes, there will be around 700kg of water in the system. One average tap at 14 litres/minute will take 50 minutes to fill the system.

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