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Whole House Two-Stage Filtration System (Large)

Post-Tank Rainwater Filters
Two stage whole of house filtration featuring a 10 micron heavy-duty sediment filter to remove rust, lime, scale, sand and other sediment and second stage filtration to reduce colour, odour, chlorine, VOC, heavy metals and protozoa (giardia, cryptosporidium) down to 10 micron.
Size 10" WFRW21
Size 20" WFRW22
  • 10"
  • 20"

Provide additional quality control to ensure you get cleaner rainwater for use in and around your property.

By reducing colour, odour and particles in your rainwater immediately before use, they improve the quality of rainwater
where it is used for drinking water and protect internal appliances, toilets and more from sediment damage and tannin stains.

Benefits of Post-Tank Filters

The Whole House Two Stage Filtration System offers heavy duty filtration and is equipped to handle full flow rates and high water volumes. The filter’s cartridges remove fine sediments and this helps to protect your appliances and gives you fit-for-purpose water meaning the Sediment Filtration System Provides a Safety Net to water odours and discolouration.

Learn more about the 4 pillars of designing a Rain Harvesting system. 

  • Technical Specifications

  • What's in the box?
    • Filter Housing
    • Filter Cartridges
    • Housing Ring Spanner
    • Wall bracket & screws
  • Tools/Materials you may require
    • Tape measure
    • Marker pen
    • Pipe cutters
    • Deburring tool
    • PTFE (Teflon thread tape)
    • 2 Threaded adaptors (Isolation valve and refer to installation layout and existing pipework for further information.)
    • Adjustable wrench
    • Screw driver
    • Drill
    • Anchors (for mounting bracket)
  • General requirements

    CAUTION: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or with water of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. Systems certified for cyst reduction may be used on disinfected water that may contain filterable cysts. If not properly maintained, the use of this system may increase the bacterial content of the water unless supplementary treatment is provided.

    • Installation must be made in accordance with the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) by a licensed plumber only.
    • Observe the use limits indicated on the filter label.
    • If pressure exceeds use limits, protect with a pressure reducer.
    • Install an “anti-water hammer” system to protect the filter.
    • Keep away from light sources.
    • Keep away from excessive heat and cold (min. 4ºC, max 45ºC).
    • Only use original Blue Mountain Co cartridges. The use of non-original cartridges may void the warranty.
  • Installation
    • Before the installation, carefully lubricate the housing o-ring which is located at the bowl top.
    • Before the installation, check if the hydraulic system has been set-up according to local authority guidelines.
    • Install the products in sheltered areas and protected from freeze and excessive heat.
    • Please refer to Installation Layout to check the correct location of isolating valves and pressure control devices.
    • The installation of any backflow prevention device must be in accordance with the Plumbing
    • Code of Australia (PCA) and AS/NZS 3500.1 and comply with AS 2845.1:2010. Please refer to Installation Layout section: a dual check valve is recommended; a single check valve or non-return valve is not acceptable.
    • Internal water pressure in buildings should be limited to a maximum of 500 kPa (0.5 bar).
    • The recommended pressure reducer must be WaterMarked and/or compliant with AS/NZS 3500.1 and installed in accordance with the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA).

    WARNING: Water pressure above 500 kPa may damage connected products including water filters and will void the product warranty.

  • Installation Start-Up and First Use
    1. Turn-off water mains.
    2. Avoid all kind of tensions by using original wall brackets as a support
    3. The installation of a by-pass is recommended.
    4. Connect the inlet to the product’s side with the indication IN and the outlet to the side with the indication OUT.
    5. Connect to pipes using cylindrical (parallel) fittings or US – conical (tapered) fittings, possibly with flexible hoses.
    6. Use only sealing tape as a sealant for the connections.
    7. If the product is supplied without cartridge/s, unscrew the housing bowl from head and insert the cartridge/s, lubricate the o-ring, then screw the bowl to head and tighten with original spanners.
    8. Turn-on water mains.
    9. Unscrew the vent-valve and wait for air purge, then screw and tighten the vent-valve. After installation, slowly turn on a water supply (tap) downstream the installed unit and let the water flow for at least 5 minutes to flush the system before use.

    WARNING: Make sure that there are no water leaks from the product, ensure you control the tightening between the housing head and the housing bowl. Continue checking that the tightening is good and there is no water leakage for 48 hours following the Installation and start-up. In case of leakage, open the housing, remove the o-ring from the bowl, place a new o-ring and apply lubricant, then re-tighten the bowl to head and repeat the leakage check as above.

    WARNING: For correct operation of this appliance, it is essential to observe the manufacturer’s instruction.

  • Maintenance
    • Periodically clean the housing with cold water and a soft sponge.
    • Flush system for 10 minutes after any period of non-use more than two days. For a period of non-use of two weeks or more, it may be necessary to replace the cartridge.
    • Replace the cartridge after 3 months or when a drop in downstream water pressure is observed.

    Filter Cartridge Replacement

    1. Before opening the housing turn-off water mains.
    2. Release the pressure from the product by un-screwing the vent-valve.
    3. Open the housing unscrewing the bowl from head.
    4. Remove the used cartridge.
    5. Wipe clean the filter housing with cold water and a soft sponge.
    6. Open the new cartridge wrap and discard wrap. Carefully read the leaflet/sticker for directions and keep it for future reference.
    7. Insert the new cartridge and place it into the housing.
    8. Lubricate the o-ring with lubricant or change with a new o-ring.
    9. Tighten the housing bowl to the housing head using original spanners. Do not over-tighten.
    10. Turn on water mains.
    11. Wait for air purge from the vent-valve, then screw and tighten the vent-valve.
    12. Slowly turn on water supply (tap) downstream of the installed unit and let the water flow for at least 5 minutes to flush the system before use.
  • Warranty Information

    Blue Mountain Co guarantees this product for 12 months from date of purchase.

    Under this warranty we will replace the product or repair it free of charge. Claims must be received by Blue Mountain Co ([email protected]) within 12 months of the date of purchase. The benefits conferred by this warranty are in addition to all other rights and remedies available in law in respect to the goods and services to which it relates. Our goods come with guarantees that can not be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

    You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonable foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

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