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Animals, insects, groundwater, stormwater and even sunlight are all potential unwelcome “intruders” that can affect your rainwater quantity and quality.  

These intruders can enter your Rain Harvesting system via inlets, outlets, overflows, vents and gaps, contaminating your rainwater or creating other problems such as the dangers associated with mosquito-borne disease.  

Because of this, it’s important to apply the appropriate Rain Harvesting design pillars to keep all unwelcome intruders out of your system 

Common issues

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Mosquitoes & insects

Still water in your pipes and tanks is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. These unwelcome intruders can spread diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and Zika virus.

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Uninvited animals

Frogs, toads, lizards, snakes, rats, possums, birds and other pests all find your pipes, gutters and tanks enticing places to drink, eat, hang out and breed. All these animals are bad news for your water quality.

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Sunlight typically enters rainwater tanks through the inlets on top. It creates the perfect environment for algae to thrive in, making it a very unwelcome intruder that can lower your water quality.

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Tank overflow pipes often connect to stormwater drains. Without proper precautions, flooding, tidal events and blockages can push dirty stormwater from the drain into your pipes and tank, seriously threatening your water quality.

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The low inlets on in-ground tanks make them vulnerable to groundwater contamination during floods and storms, particularly if your tank is downhill from septic systems or natural waterways.

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