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Without proper precautions, the hidden natural and mechanical processes that occur in your tanks and pipes can affect the health of your rain harvesting system or even spoil your water.  

These processes include anaerobic fermentation, algae growth and sediment resuspension. They often result from – or are exacerbated by – other challenges in your environment, including vegetationfine particles and unwelcome intruders 

Taking the appropriate steps to limit hidden activity will help ensure your Rain Harvesting system consistently delivers cleaner water and lots of it for your property.

Common issues

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Anaerobic fermentation

Wet or “charged” systems feature pipes that carry rainwater underground to your tank. The water remains in your pipes between rain events and can become stagnant.

Anaerobic fermentation occurs when leaves or other organic matter breaks down in these water-filled pipes. It produces sulphides that can make your water cloudy, smelly and discoloured. This fouled water then goes through to your tank when it rains.

Sediment resuspension water with bubbles

Sediment re-suspension

Organic and inorganic sediments rest on the bottom of your rainwater tank.

They can include harmful particles including heavy metals. When this sediment is stirred by water flow it can resuspend in your tank water, becoming hazardous to your health and increasing the loading on your pumps and treatment systems.

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Algae growth

Algae is a photosynthetic organism that thrives in sunlight and contaminates water. Sunlight creates an environment for algae as it enters your tank through openings and inlets.

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