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and maintain

By regularly monitoring and maintaining your Rain Harvesting system, you can keep it running optimally, ensure you don’t run out of water unexpectedly and make informed decisions about any necessary improvements.

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In particular, we recommend doing all you can to account for challenges posed by:


Vegetation         Unwelcome Intruders

Fine Particles      Hidden Activity


Inspect and maintain your system

Adopting a regular maintenance routine for your Rain Harvesting system will help you identify and address potential problems before they affect your rainwater quality or quantity.

Monitor water volumes

Monitoring your water consumption and your available supply is incredibly important. When you know how much water is in your tank, you won’t run out unexpectedly. Monitoring also reveals how much water you use for different tasks and activities, how quickly your tank refills and the balance between your rates of water capture and use.

The more you understand these factors, the more you can make informed decisions about your water use and about potential improvements to your Rain Harvesting system.

Maintenance checklist

Make maintenance a breeze with our handy Rain Harvesting system maintenance checklist. Download the maintenance checklist here today.

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Products that can help

Tank Level Gauges
Tank Level Gauges
Tank Screens and Solar Shields
Tank Screens and Solar Shields
Insect Proof Tank Overflow Screens
Insect Proof Tank Overflow Screens
Automatic Tank Vacuums
Automatic Tank Vacuums

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