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Limit sources
of contamination

Prevention is always better than the cure, so we recommend you assess – and address – the risks in, on and around your property to minimise threats to your Rain Harvesting system.

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In particular, we recommend doing all you can to account for challenges posed by:


Vegetation         Unwelcome Intruders

Fine Particles      Hidden Activity


Audit and prepare your property

Prevention is better than the cure, so we recommend that you do all you can to limit sources of contamination.

Examine your property and surroundings to identify the degree to which your rain harvesting system is exposed to risks from vegetation, fine particles and unwelcome intruders. Then limit them.

In particular, we recommend that you:

  • Trim or relocate vegetation (esp. overhanging trees)
  • Remove leaves and debris from your roof and gutters
  • Replace hazardous building materials (esp. lead flashing, asbestos, peeling paint, and toxic, rusting or deteriorating materials )
  • Attend to pest control as appropriate
  • Determine whether your system has a mild, moderate or severe risk of exposure to potential fine particle contaminants
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Products that can help

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Gutter Outlet Round
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Gutter Outlet Rectangular
Gutter Outlet Rectangular
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Gutter Outlet Half Round
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