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Leaves and debris can threaten your rainwater quality and quantity. In fact, they’re the root cause of many Rain Harvesting problems, from rainwater contamination to obstructed water flow, and almost everything in between.  

Because of this, filtering leaves and debris to keep them out of your Rain Harvesting system is vital. Filtering should be used at any potential leaf and debris entry points to provide layers of protection across your Rain Harvesting system.  

By applying this step in the Rain Harvesting process, you can be confident your Rain Harvesting system is better prepared to give you cleaner rainwater and lots of it.  

Rain Harvesting System Leaves & Debris

In particular, we recommend doing all you can to account for challenges posed by:


Vegetation         Unwelcome Intruders

Fine Particles      Hidden Activity


Use layers of protection  

Filtering leaves and debris prevents water contamination and reduces the threat of hidden activity in your pipes and tanks.  For optimum rainwater quality and quantity, it’s important to use multiple, progressive barriers to filter leaves and debris at different stages across your Rain Harvesting system.


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Rain Heads
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Maelstrom Filters
Tank Screens and Solar Shields
Tank Screens and Solar Shields

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