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a safety net

Your planned water use is the main factor that will determine your water treatment needs. For example, water used to wash your car or water your garden may not require treatment; however, filtering and treatment may be necessary if your water is used for washing, bathing or drinking.  

A water treatment “safety net” will help ensure your rainwater is fit-for-purpose and appropriate for your needs, which is why considering a safety net is a key step in every Rain Harvesting system design.

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In particular, we recommend doing all you can to account for challenges posed by:


Vegetation  Unwelcome Intruders

Fine Particles      Hidden Activity


Consider your treatment needs

Water treatment systems are the last step in quality control before your water exits a tap.

Additional treatment may not be essential for every Rain Harvesting system, so you should match your treatment system to your needs and purposes.  For example, you may not need water treatment if you’re using rainwater to wash your car or water the garden.  However, if human or animal health are a concern, water treatment is recommended.

Always consult a specialist to determine which water treatment systems are right for your needs and situation.


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Post-Tank Rainwater Filters
Post-Tank Rainwater Filters

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