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Self-sufficiency involves providing for your needs by using your own skills and resources rather than relying on outside help.

A drive towards self-sufficiency may be motivated by environmental awareness, a desire for independence or a myriad of other reasons.

Whatever your motivation, if you’re interested in living self-sufficiently or running a self-sufficient business, you need to consider rain harvesting.

By offering a sustainable and renewable source of water for use in and around your property, rain harvesting is an important and relatively straightforward way to improve yourself-sufficiency.

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Getting it right

Applying the 8 Rain Harvesting steps is vital to ensuring your Rain Harvesting system delivers on your desire to live self-sufficiency.

The 8 Rain Harvesting Steps describe the steps you must take to ensure your Rain Harvesting system delivers the quality and quantity of rainwater you need. This includes designing your system for volume, using multiple, progressive layers of protection to keep contaminants out, and regularly monitoring and maintaining your system so it continues to provide the water you need.

To learn how you can design a rain harvesting system that’s optimised for empowering you to live self-sufficiently, read about the 8 Rain Harvesting steps here.

Great Rain Harvesting starts with a great system.
Build yours by following the 4 Pillars of Rain Harvesting System Design.

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