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As climate change makes weather events even more ferocious and unpredictable, it’s important to ensure your home or building is equipped to withstand this heightened threat.  

A well-maintained, properly designed Rain Harvesting system can play a key role in doing just that.  

By better managing water runoff during storms and providing a water supply for firefighting and times of drought, your Rain Harvesting system can help your home weather the extreme weather in our increasingly volatile world.  

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Reduced flooding threat

A properly designed Rain Harvesting system maximises your ability to harvest the rainwater that falls on your roof. It does this by limiting the potential for blocked gutters and pipes using gutter mesh, rain heads and other appropriate products.  

In addition to fulfilling its main purpose of increasing the volume of water that ends up in your rainwater tank, this aspect of your system’s design will also help your building channel water away during heavy downpours without the risk of obstruction. This is vital to preventing the expensive flood damage that can accompany blocked and overflowing gutters or downpipes.  

Drought resilience

A key principle of successful Rain Harvesting is planning your system for volume. This involves taking advantage of every raindrop that ends up on your roof by maximising your ability to both harvest and store rainwater on your property.  

You mightn’t be able to control the rain, but if your Rain Harvesting system is designed to ensure maximum yields, it should help you withstand the effects of drought, supplying water for use around your property during times without rainfall.  

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Designing your Rain Harvesting system for volume may also involve ensuring it provides you with an additional water supply for firefighting.  

With proper equipment and a large enough rainwater tank storage volume, your Rain Harvesting system can play a key role in protecting your home or building when it’s at its most vulnerable. While this can be particularly vital if you live in a rural area surrounded by bushland, it’s beneficial in any bushfire-prone area.  

Great Rain Harvesting starts with a great system.
Build yours by following the 4 Pillars of Rain Harvesting System Design.

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