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drought resilience

As the climate becomes more unpredictable, drought is increasingly threatening many communities around the globe.

For communities with mains water, drought invariably leads to stringent water restrictions, dead lawns and empty pools. In peri-urban and rural areas, it can necessitate expensive water deliveries, cause costly stock losses or even precipitate famine.

However, with a properly designed Rain Harvesting system, you can improve your property’s drought resilience so you’re no longer subject to Mother Nature’s mercy.

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Drought resilience

A key step of Rain Harvesting system design is plan for volume. This involves considering factors such as your water needs, the seasonality of rainfall in your area and annual variances to ensure your tanks are big enough to store the rainwater you need.

By positioning you to take advantage of previous rainfall in this way, your Rain Harvesting system can supply the water you need even during times of drought. Add in water wise habits and water saving measures, and your property will be better equipped to endure until the rain returns.

Mains connected areas

Government imposed water restrictions – often accompanied by steep fines for those who ignore them – are common during times of drought. In Australia, this is synonymous with parched brown lawns and dwindling backyard swimming pools.

With a Rain Harvesting system, however, your lifestyle doesn’t have to be disrupted by drought. Instead, you can use the rainwater you harvest to water your garden, top up your pool, and otherwise continue living life.

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