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Cost Savings and
return on investment

Across the world, the cost of supplying water to homes and businesses is increasing.

Water bills in mains water connected communities continue to rise, while water deliveries in peri-urban and rural areas are also costly.

So it’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to rain harvesting as a cost-effective way to supply water for their needs.

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Financial returns

A properly designed Rain Harvesting system can supply some or all of your household water needs, offering significant cost savings and a clear return on investment.

To estimate this return, simply compare your ongoing water costs with the once-off costs associated with setting up your system. In most cases, it won’t be long before you begin to make a return on your investment.

Mains connected areas & Peri-urban and rural areas

If you live in an area where mains water is available, rain harvesting can significantly reduce your water bills, even if you only use that water to flush your toilets and wash your laundry. Where regulations allow you to use rainwater for drinking, the savings are even greater.

In peri-urban and rural areas, a properly designed Rain Harvesting system can reduce or eliminate your reliance on costly water deliveries, making your property water self-sufficient and saving you significant money in the process.

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Non financial ROI

During times of drought, a Rain Harvesting system that’s been planned for volume can continue to supply your water needs until the next rainfall. For properties in mains connected areas, it can supplement your needs so you’re unaffected by government-imposed water restrictions.

If you prefer the taste of rainwater, then having abundant rainwater available for drinking is another non-financial return you’ll enjoy when you install a Rain Harvesting system.

And if you set your Rain Harvesting system up with bushfire preparedness in mind, the savings might not just be financial. After all, the value in your home isn’t just the bricks and mortar – it’s also the memories, the irreplaceable objects and the safety of your family.

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