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bushfire preparedness

As climate change leads to increasing weather extremes, the ferocity and incidence of bushfires and wildfires is only likely to intensify.

You may not realise it, but one key way to prepare your home or building to better withstand this serious threat is to install a properly designed and maintained Rain Harvesting system.

With some forethought and planning, your Rain Harvesting system can assist you in firefighting and in reducing your bushfire risks.

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Firefighting supply

Stored rainwater can provide vital water for firefighting. However, it’s important to ensure you have adequate water available.

For properties under 1,000 square metres in size, New South Wales Fire Services recommends having 5,000 litres of rainwater available for firefighting. Lots up to 10,000 square metres should have at least 10,000 litres. Larger lots should have at least 20,000 litres. To meet these needs, you may need to install more than one tank on your property.

Firefighting setup

In addition to ensuring you have enough rainwater available for firefighting, you should also ensure your Rain Harvesting system is equipped for this task

Choose a tank made from non-combustible materials such as corrosion-resistant steel or concrete. Ensure your tank has an easily accessible fire hose outlet fitting near the base and that any aboveground pipes are non-combustible. You’ll also need a diesel or petrol driven pump designed for hot conditions so you’re not reliant on externally-supplied electricity.

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Risk management

A properly set up Rain Harvesting system will also reduce your bushfire risks in the first place.

That’s because limiting sources of contamination will also limit potential fuel sources. Most homes that burn down during a bushfire are set alight by burning debris in the building or on the surrounding property. As such, trimming overhanging trees and keeping your gutters clear of debris won’t just improve your rainwater quality and quantity – it will also limit your susceptibility to bushfire and ember attack.

Great Rain Harvesting starts with a great system.
Build yours by following the 4 Pillars of Rain Harvesting System Design.

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