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When it comes to selling or renting your property, anything that adds appeal or monetary value is a definite advantage, especially when the market’s tight.

A properly-designed Rain Harvesting system is one thing that can do just that.

Many buyers are keen to snap up a property that will save them money on water bills or water deliveries and that’s already fully functional – no extra work required.

Unsurprisingly, these benefits also appeal to tenants and, by extension, to property investors.

Add to this the monetary and non-financial value a Rain Harvesting system will bring to you prior to selling or renting, and it’s clear that Rain Harvesting systems are a sensible and beneficial value-add for any property.

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Buyer appeal

Many prospective buyers know that a properly-designed Rain Harvesting system will make their life easier – and cheaper.

In areas where mains water is used, a Rain Harvesting system offers the opportunity to save on water bills, use water regardless of restrictions and avoid tough penalties imposed on high water users. A rainwater system also offers a key point of difference for your property compared to others on the market.

In peri-urban and rural areas, Rain Harvesting systems can reduce reliance on expensive water deliveries, provide a vital water supply of water for firefighting and offer the assurance that there will be water available when it’s needed most. A properly set up system will also make your property stand out from homes where “tanking” arrangements are the norm.

It’s also worth noting that for environmentally-conscious buyers, the ability to harvest and use rainwater is, in itself, incredibly appealing.

Taken together, these benefits command a price tag that many buyers are willing to pay, making a Rain Harvesting system a great value-add when you sell your home.

Tenant appeal

Prospective homeowners aren’t the only ones who place value on the benefits a properly-designed rain harvesting system can deliver. Tenants do too.

In addition to this, it’s worth remembering that if you’re marketing your property to investors or renting out your home, the ability to attract tenants who will care for the property is practically priceless.

Tenants who are attracted to your property because it offers opportunities to garden despite water restrictions are the type of tenants who are more likely to care for the house as well. So your investment in a Rain Harvesting system may end up paying dividends in these ways too.

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