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your needs

Key factors to consider are:

How will you use your rainwater

While every Rain Harvesting system should be designed to give you cleaner rainwater and lots of it, the way you intend to use the water you collect will influence aspects of your system design.

Rainwater is most commonly used for drinking, internal appliances such as toilets and washing machines, and irrigation.

Write a simple list of all the ways you intend to use your rainwater and this list will inform decisions about the quality and quantity of rainwater you need.

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How much rainwater you need

Water consumption varies considerably from task to task and person to person.  When estimating your water needs, it’s important to consider factors including:

  • Number of people in your home
  • Your property’s size and outdoor needs (garden irrigation, outdoor cleaning, swimming pool top-ups)
  • Lifestyle factors (number/frequency of guests, shower/bath use, laundry and car washing habits)
  • Size and efficiency of your water-using appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, shower heads)
  • Your water conservation habits (such as if you partially or completely fill your washing machine drum before washing)

Past water bills, estimates based on your planned water uses or data from meters and gauges can all help you more accurately forecast your water needs.

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