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There are many environmental factors that can have an impact on your Rain Harvesting system.  Understanding each of these and applying the correct steps to overcome these challenges will ensure you design a Rain Harvesting system that delivers cleaner rainwater and lots of it for use.

Understanding your surrounding environment is as simple as considering challenges posed by:


Leaves, flowers, berries and other vegetation in your gutters, downpipes and tanks can reduce the quality and quantity of your rainwater and even damage your Rain Harvesting system.


Fine Particles

Compounds, chemicals, micro-organisms from animal by-products, rotting leaves and decomposing animals can contaminate your rainwater.


Unwelcome Intruders

Sunlight, insects, animals, groundwater and dirty stormwater are all unwelcome “intruders” that can reduce your rainwater quality.


Hidden Activity

Without proper precautions, the hidden natural and mechanical processes that occur in your tanks and pipes can affect the health of your rainwater.



Weather patterns and the average rainfall for your area are important considerations when designing your Rain Harvesting system.

Find out how we solve your environmental challenges by Applying the 8 Rain Harvesting Steps.

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