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Apply the 8
Rain Harvesting Steps

Each property and Rain Harvesting system is affected by a range of individual environmental factors that must be protected against to ensure maximum water quality and volume harvested from your roof. By Applying the 8 Rain Harvesting Steps you can be confident you will capture cleaner rainwater and lots of it by implementing multiple layers of protection to the hazardous pollutants collected during a rain event.

Check out the 8 Rain Harvesting Steps below

Limit sources of contamination

  • Check your roof surface materials is suitable for collecting appropriate quality water and trim overhanging vegetation
  • Install gutter mesh to prevent leaves and debris from blocking gutters and pipes

Plan for volume

  • Consider your annual rainfall, seasonality, roof surface area and rainwater needs
  • Use a Maelstrom filter to minimise water loss and a high level tank overflow to boost storage volume

Filter leaves & debris

  • Fit Leaf Eater rain heads or a Maelstrom filter to keep leaves, debris and mosquitoes out of your system

Divert the first flush

  • Install first flush diverters to keep the most contaminated rainwater out of your rainwater tank.

Secure the system

  • Use a tank screen and insect proof screens to keep out leaves, mosquitoes and animals
  • Install an air gap to prevent stormwater backflow

Manage standing water

  • Use a wet-dry valve or first flush inground diverter to drain your pipes in between rainfall events
  • Install a Maelstrom or solar shield to block sunlight and prevent algae growth

Consider a safety net

  • Use an appropriate rainwater filter after your pump to reduce sediment, colour and odour.

Monitor and maintain

  • Install a tank gauge to regularly monitor your water level and usage
  • Use a Mozzie Stoppa Easy-Clean for simple overflow maintenance

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