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4 Pillars to Designing a
Rain Harvesting System

  • 1. Understand your needs

    Whether you’re installing a new system or improving an existing one, the first consideration to building the right system for your property is understanding your needs.

    Balancing the volume of rainwater you need with the volume you can harvest will inform your decisions regarding tank numbers and size, just one part of your Rain Harvesting system.

  • 2. Understand your environment

    There are many environmental factors that can have an impact on your Rain Harvesting system.  Understanding each of these and applying the correct steps to overcome these challenges will ensure you design a Rain Harvesting system that delivers cleaner rainwater and lots of it for use.  Understanding your surrounding environment is as simple as considering challenges posted by:

    Vegetation       Unwelcome Intruders

     Fine Particles     Hidden Activity


  • 3. Apply the 8 Rain Harvesting steps

    A Leaf Eater Original installed "mid mount" and painted to match the propertyThe 8 Rain Harvesting steps describe what steps you must take to ensure your Rain Harvesting system delivers the quality and quantity of rainwater you need.   This includes designing your system for volume, using multiple, progressive layers of protection to keep contaminants out, and regularly monitoring and maintaining your system so that it continues to deliver cleaner rainwater and lots of it.

  • 4. Design and install your system


    Based on Pillars 1, 2 and 3, you now have the information you need to design and install the right system for you.

    To do this, use our standard system designs, download the Rain Harvesting System Audit or request your free Rain Harvesting System Design Service.


Rain Harvesting Design Service™

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