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Your water consumption habits is one of the key variables you need to consider when determining the size of your rainwater tank.  

It’s been estimated that a typical Australian family uses as much as 260,000 litres of water a year.  

However, as consumption varies significantly from place to place, person to person and household to household, it’s important to calculate your own household’s water usage to more accurately determine just how much water you use – and need.  

Factors affecting water usage 

There are many factors that will affect the volume of water your household uses.  

Some key factors include:  

  • The number of people in your home 
  • Whether animals are kept on the property 
  • The amount of water used in the garden (can be measured using hose meters)
  • How frequently – and long – people shower for  
  • The extent to which water saving devises are used (e.g. water wise shower heads, half-flush toilets, front-loading washing machines, etc.) 

(Adopting water wise habits is one way to lower your water usage without disrupting your lifestyle.) 

Past water bills 

If you live in an area supplied with mains water, you can use your past water bills to get an indication of your household’s water usage habits. If you have enough of them, you can use these bills to see how your water usage may have changed over time (for example, as your children have grown older) and whether there are any seasonal variations (for example, whether you use more water in summer than winter).  

Use the Rain Harvesting Calculator – Coming Soon

Our Rain Harvesting Calculator helps you calculate the right size rainwater tank for your property.  

One key section of the calculator allows you to input your water-related tasks and activities. It then uses this information to calculate your water usage.