Rain Heads

Keep leaves, debris and pests out of your rain harvesting system so that your rainwater stays clean and ready to use.


Super-fine filtration and super-high water catchment to
deliver massive quantities of clean rainwater directly to
your tank.

Downpipe and Rain Barrel Diverters

Choose the direction you want your rainwater to go – water your garden, top up your pool or send it straight to your storage tank.

Tank Screens and Solar Shields

Protect your stored rainwater from degradation by sunlight, leaves, pests and algae.

First Flush Diverters

Keep contaminated roof runoff water away from your storage tank by diverting it so that your stored, clean rainwater is protected.

Pipe Screens, Tank Overflows and Vent Cowls

Manage overflowing water from your storage tank and keep your rainwater fresh by letting your tank breathe.

Post-Tank Filters

Make sure your rainwater is ready to use straight from your tank by filtering it at the final stage of the rain harvesting process.

Tank Level Gauges

Monitor your storage tank and stay on top of your rainwater levels.

Tank Outlets

Choose the right fittings for connecting your tank to outlet options.


Gutter Outlets and Downpipe Flow

Connect the right fixture to your gutters and downpipes to help you effectively manage the flow of your rainwater.

Managing Sediment

Keep your rainwater clean by effectively managing sediment, silt and dirt in your tank.

Managing Charged Lines

Drain your pipes, keep your water at high-quality levels and effectively manage your wet system.

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