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Insect Proof
Tank Overflow Screens

Mosquito-proof your tank overflows to protect your rainwater quality with our range of insect-proof tank overflow screens. Easy to clean and maintain, these screens keep mosquitoes and other vermin out of your rainwater tank, whilst promoting tank ventilation and oxygen circulation.

Product Families
Mozzie Stoppa Advanced Max Flow
Mozzie Stoppa Advanced Max Flow
90mm or 100mm
Mozzie Stoppa Advanced
Mozzie Stoppa Advanced
3 Sizes
Mozzie Stoppa Easy-Clean
Mozzie Stoppa Easy-Clean
90mm or 90mm (socket fitment)
Mozzie Stoppa Original
Mozzie Stoppa Original
3 Sizes


Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Benefits of Insect Proof Tank Overflow Screens
    • Keep mosquitoes, insects and other pests out of your rainwater tank
    • Promote tank ventilation and oxygen circulation
    • Make cleaning easy with spring-loaded hinge (Easy-Clean models)
    • AS4020 compliant
  • Insect Proof Tank Overflow Screen FAQs

    Where do I install my Mozzie Stoppa?

    You can use your Mozzie Stoppa to protect any pipe opening and create a mosquito- and pest-proof barrier. Mozzie Stoppas are typically installed to rainwater tank overflow outlet pipework to help mosquito-proof your tank. To learn more about installation, visit the Support page for your chosen product.

    Can I glue my Mozzie Stoppa Original in place?

    No. The Mozzie Stoppa Original (TATO05) is not self-cleaning, so it requires periodic removal and cleaning. The socket and spigot feature ribbing that provides a secure, non-glue fit. (For full installation instructions, see the Mozzie Stoppa Original Support page.)

    Can I glue my Mozzie Stoppa Easy-Clean in place?

    Yes. (For full installation instructions, see the Mozzie Stoppa Easy-Clean Support page.)

    Can I upgrade my Mozzie Stoppa Original to a Mozzie Stoppa Easy-Clean?

    Yes. Simply remove your existing Mozzie Stoppa and replace it with an Easy-Clean model. (For full installation instructions, see the Mozzie Stoppa Easy-Clean Support page.)

    My Mozzie Stoppa Original is glued in place. How do I clean it?

    Your Mozzie Stoppa Original should not be glued in place. If it has been glued in place, it must be cut from the pipework and replaced. Before cutting your glued-in Mozzie Stoppa Original away, consider what connection will be required to replace it so you can maintain mosquito-proofing on your tank overflow outlet. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace the tank overflow. In other cases, you may be able to replace it with a Mozzie Stoppa Easy-Clean.

    My tank is overflowing at the inlet rather than the outlet. What should I do?

    1. Check that your tank screen is free from debris, ie. leaves, sediment
    2. Your tank outlet may be restricted by a blocked Mozzie Stoppa or another obstruction.
    3. Check your overflow outlet for the presence of an obstruction and remove.
    4. Alternately, the level of your tank overflow may sit above the base of your tank inlet.
    5. Check that the outlet pipe is equal to or greater than the combind capacity of the pipe feeding your tank inlet
    6. If a Mozzie Stoppa is installed, remove, inspect and clean if necessary before reinstalling it at the outlet or replacing with a Mozzie Stoppa Easy-Clean.

    If your inlet/overflow issue persists, remove your tank screen and check for floating debris on the water surface. Floating debris such as sworf from the tank installation process’ may be blocking the Mozzie Stoppa during overflow and drifting away from the overflow when overflow has stopped.

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