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Flap Valves

Self-cleaning and self-closing for minimal maintenance and greater peace of mind, our flap valves (aka frog flaps) keep mosquitoes, frogs and other vermin out of your tank outlets. The flap opens to let water pass through when your rainwater tank overflows, then immediately self-closes to keep your tank vermin-proof.

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Flap Valve Vent Screen
Flap Valve Vent Screen
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Flap Valve Plain
Flap Valve Plain
  • Benefits of Flap Valves
    • Keep mosquitoes, frogs and other pests out of your tank outlets pipes and rain harvesting system
    • Self-closing for greater peace of mind
    • Self-cleaning for minimal maintenance
    • Allow water to pass through at high flow rates during overflow events
    • Improve ventilation and oxygen circulation in your rainwater tank (vented models)
    • Choose from a variety of options including plain and breathable flaps
    • Range of sizes and connection options to fit various pipes and tanks
  • Flap Valve FAQs

    What are the benefits of a vented flap valve?

    Vented and non-vented flap valves provide a self-cleaning insect-proof and vermin-proof barrier at the end of your pipework. However, vented flap valves also allow fresh air to circulate freely through your pipework and tank, a benefit not available with non-vented flap valves.

    What’s the difference between a flap valve and a frog flap?

    “Flap valve” and “frog flap” are interchangeable names for the same product. Both are designed to keep frogs and smaller pests such as mosquitoes out of your pipework and tank.

    Do I need to glue this fitting?

    We recommend gluing flap valves to your pipes. Although a flap valve is an end of line component and is not subjected to pressure, it is important that all mosquito-proof barriers are secure.

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