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Our vent cowls improve ventilation in your rainwater tank to increase your water’s oxygen content and prevent stagnation. They also promote more efficient water flow and keep mosquitoes and vermin out.

Product Families
Vent Cowl Weatherproof
Vent Cowl Weatherproof
50mm or 100mm
Vent Cowl
Vent Cowl
50mm or 100mm
  • Benefits of Vent Cowls
    • Improve ventilation and oxygen circulation in your rainwater tank (or toilet)
    • Keep mosquitoes and larger pests out
    • Increase oxygen content in stored rainwater to prevent stagnation
    • Promote more efficient water flow
  • Vent Cowl FAQs

    When would I use a weatherproof vs a standard vent cowl?

    Both standard and weatherproof vent cowls allow fresh air to circulate within your rainwater tank. Weatherproof vent cowls incorporate a cap that shields the stainless steel screen from light (UV) and the weather. They can be used to provide a light (UV) and weather-proof vent on the top surface of your rainwater tank.

    Do I need to use a vent cowl if I have a Maelstrom filter installed on my tank?

    Vent cowls are optional for rainwater tanks with and without Maelstrom filters. However, the benefit of a vent cowl is that it will ensure the unrestricted flow of fresh air within your tank.

    How do I install my chosen vent cowl product?

    For detailed installation instructions, visit the Support page for your chosen product.

    Can I use Blue Mountain Co vent cowls in standard plumbing applications such as toilets or portaloos?

    Yes, refer to Blue Mountain Co Plumbing Vent Cowls

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