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Junk Basket (Optional)
Riser Extension (Optional)

Filter Pit 560mm

Filter Pits
Protect your water quality by filtering the rainwater you capture at a central point before it enters your tank.
Size 560mm TAFP01
Size Junk Basket (Optional) TAFP02
Size Riser Extension (Optional) TAFP03
  • 560mm
  • Junk Basket (Optional)
  • Riser Extension (Optional)



Filter Pit

Create a central filtering point

For some Rain Harvesting systems, filtering the rainwater you collect at a central point can allow for easier cleaning and maintenance. The Filter Pit lets you create a central filtering point in a convenient location so you can do just that.


Clean and maintain with ease

In addition to the usual easy-clean benefits of any central filtering point, optional add-ons make the task even easier. The Junk Basket captures larger debris for easier removal, while the riser height extension lets you raise the top of your filter pit to ground level.

Filter Pit

Filter rainwater effectively

With its mosquito-proof 955 micron stainless steel screen and lid, the Filter Pit keeps leaves, debris, mosquitoes and other nasties out of your Rain Harvesting system to improve the quality of the water you harvest.

Filter pits filter leaves and debris out of your rain harvesting system with their 955 micron screens. They also eliminate splashing to increase the volume of rainwater you harvest.

Filter pits secure the system with the 955 micron mosquito-proof screens that prevent insects and other animals from entering and breeding or living in your rain harvesting system.

Learn more about the 4 pillars of designing a Rain Harvesting system. 

The Rain Harvesting steps addressed:

Limit sources of contamination     Plan for volume

Filter leaves and debris                    Divert the first flush

Secure the system                             Manage standing water

Consider a safety net                        Monitor and maintain

  • Specifications

  • Installation
    1. The inlet on your rainwater tank must sit below the level of the Filter Pit outlet. When selecting an installation point for your Filter Pit, ensure that the top of your pit will sit aboveground to prevent groundwater intrusion.  
    2. Use a hole saw to cut a hole or holes in the top half of your Filter Pit (above the filter screen) for your inlet pipe/s. The pipe/s can enter the pit on any side, however, if you are using a Junk Basket with your Filter Pit, ensure the placement of your pipes will facilitate ease of use.  
    3. Select an outlet pipe or pipes to balance your inlet pipe volume so that the combined cross-sectional area of the inlet pipes does not exceed the cross-sectional area of the outlet pipes.  
    4. Use a hole saw to cut a hole or holes in the bottom half of your Filter Pit for your outlet pipe/s. The hole/s should be flush with the base of the pit so the water will drain out completely after each rainfall event.  
    5. Insert your inlet and outlet pipes into the Filter Pit and seal in place using a grommet, flanged fitting, or appropriate sealant.  
    6. If you are using a Junk Basket, insert it inside the pit.  
    7. Place the lid on top of your Filter Pit.  
  • Maintenance

    Regularly remove the lid from your Filter Pit to inspect it, cleaning the mosquito-proof filter screen when required.  

    For ease of maintenance, we recommend using a Junk Basket to easily capture and remove larger debris from your Filter Pit.  

  • What's in the box?
    • 1 Filter Pit with mosquito-proof filter screen 
    • 1 filter pit lid 
    • NB: Junk Basket available separately 
    • NB: Riser Extensions available separately 
  • Tools you might need
    • Hole saw 
    • Grommet, flanged fitting or sealant 
  • Product FAQs

    How many pipes can I fit to my filter pit?

    The filter pit is designed to accommodate 90mm and 100mm pipes. Inlet pipes can be installed through all four side walls of the top of your filter pit. Outlet pipes can be installed through all four side walls of the bottom of your filter pit. Two inlet pipes and two outlet pipes can be installed to each side wall, so you can have up to eight inlet pipes and eight outlet pipes. 

    Do filter pits come with pre-cut inlet and outlet holes?

    Filter pits are supplied without inlet and outlet holes. Inlet and outlet holes are installed/cut onsite during installation. For detailed installation instructions, visit the Support page for your chosen product. 

    What is a filter pit riser?

    Risers are used to extend the inlet height on your filter pit by 300mm. The extension height is the same for both the 560mm and 700mm products. 

    Does the filter pit come with a lid?

    Yes, filter pits are supplied with a metal cover or lid. The cover prevents debris and vermin from entering your filter pit. 

    Can I install a filter pit for my wet rain harvesting system?

    No. Filter pits cannot be installed where the outlet pipe rises higher than the pit’s filter screen. In other words, the inlet to the rainwater tank cannot be located higher than the bottom outlet on your filter pit. 

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