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Auto Tank

Simple but effective, our automatic tank vacuums remove sediment-laden water from the base of your rainwater tank when it overflows. Sold in kit form for easy installation, they help improve your water quality and minimise maintenance requirements.

Product Families
Auto Tank Vacuum
Auto Tank Vacuum
Concrete (90mm) or Flat Wall (90mm)
  • Benefits of Automatic Tank Vacuums
    • Automatically vacuums the sediment off the bottom of the tank in the area of the outtake pipe every time the tank overflows – clean the base of your tank without sacrificing stored water.
    • Customise your pipe length to suit your tank height
    • Improve stored rainwater quality
    • Come in kit form for easy installation
  • Automatic Tank Vacuum FAQ's
    • How do I get the pipe inside my tank?

    For detailed installation instructions, visit the Support page for your chosen auto tank vacuum.

    • Can I install an auto tank vacuum when my tank is full?

    For polyethylene tanks, you can install your auto tank vacuum when your rainwater tank is full. For concrete tanks, you can install your auto tank vacuum when the tank is full if there is an access hole adjacent to your tank overflow outlet. If there is no access hole adjacent to your tank overflow outlet on your concrete tank, you cannot install the auto tank vacuum when your tank is full.

    Refer to instructions for installation method.

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