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Commercial Rain Head PVC

Rain Heads
Designed for commercial applications, this PVC rain head incorporates a maintenance-friendly single screen to keep leaves, debris, pests and mosquitoes out of your Rain Harvesting system.
Size 150mm RHCL60

Capture more water to lower your costs

Using quality rainwater can help you save significantly on your building’s operating costs and water bills – even if you only use it to flush toilets. Built to handle high flow rates, our commercial rain heads help you capture enough water to enjoy these cost savings.

Purpose-built performance and design

Our Leaf Eater Commercial rain heads incorporate a maintenance-friendly single screen to keep leaves, debris and pests and mosquitoes out of your Rain Harvesting system.  They’re built to complement your building’s aesthetic and handle water volumes even during heavy rainfall.

Rain Heads filter leaves and debris out of your downpipes with their 955 micron screens. They also minimise splashing to increase the volume of rainwater you harvest.

Rain Heads secure the system with the 955 micron mosquito-proof screens that prevent insects and other animals from entering and breeding or living in your downpipes.

Learn more about the 4 pillars of designing a Rain Harvesting system. 

The Rain Harvesting steps addressed:

Limit sources of contamination     Plan for volume

Filter leaves and debris                    Divert the first flush

Secure the system                             Manage standing water

Consider a safety net                        Monitor and maintain

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