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Clean Shield Screen - Leaf Beater

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Upgrade your Leaf Beater rain heads with this leaf-shedding, mosquito-proof, easy-clean replacement clean shield screen.
Size Leaf Beater RHAC02
Upgrade Screens CHR Reduced

Upgrade your rain heads

A recommended upgrade for all your early-model Leaf Beater rain heads, the Clean Shield™ Screen gives you improved leaf-shedding and easier maintenance.

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Install and maintain with ease

With its simple on/off clip configuration, the Clean Shield™ Screen are easily attached to your rain heads. The on/off clip also makes cleaning and maintenance easier – especially as there’s only one screen to clean, not two.

Leaf Beater V2 High Res

Get more water

The Clean Shield™ Screen offers improved leaf-shedding power, automatically directing leaves and debris away from the flow of water and off your rain heads. By keeping leaves and debris off the rain head and out of your downspouts, it doesn’t just make maintenance easier – it also lets you collect more rainwater.

Rain Heads filter leaves and debris out of your downpipes with their 955 micron screens. They also minimise splashing to increase the volume of rainwater you harvest.

Rain Heads secure the system with the 955 micron mosquito-proof screens that prevent insects and other animals from entering and breeding or living in your downpipes.

Learn more about the 4 pillars of designing a Rain Harvesting system. 

The Rain Harvesting steps addressed:

Limit sources of contamination     Plan for volume

Filter leaves and debris                    Divert the first flush

Secure the system                             Manage standing water

Consider a safety net                        Monitor and maintain

  • Specifications

  • Installation
    1. Remove and discard the screen from your Leaf Beater rain head. (You won’t need it anymore.)
    2. Ensure that your rain head is free from leaves and debris.
    3. Insert your Clean Shield™ screen into your rain head at an angle until the front rubber channel is nearly over the front lip of the body. You may need to wet the rubber seal to help it slide into place.
    4. Fix the front of your upgrade screen into place by sliding the rubber channel over the front lip of the body.
    5. Reaching towards the back of your Clean Shield™ screen, push down on the plastic frame so that the rear edge is below the lowest notch and is firmly against the back wall of your Leaf Beater rain head.
  • Maintenance

    Your new Clean Shield™ screen requires minimal maintenance as it is mostly self-cleaning. If cleaning is required, simply remove the Clean Shield™ screen by lifting the quick release tabs, hose or brush it off, then replace it inside your Leaf Eater Original/Plus or Leaf Beater rain head.

  • What's in the box?
    • Clean Shield™ screen 
  • Product FAQs

    Can I upgrade my Leaf Eater Original or older Leaf Beater with the new patented screen technology?

    Yes. Upgrade screens are available for both new and old Leaf Eater and Leaf Beater rain heads. The patented Clean Shield Screens keeps leaves, debris, mosquitos and larger pests out of your pipes – no second screen required.

    Can I paint my Leaf Eater rain head?

    Yes. All the rain heads in our Leaf Eater range can be painted to match your home or building. Check with your local paint retailer to ensure you select a product that’s suitable for use with plastic.

    Will my Leaf Eater rain head splash water into my covered patio area?

    Rain heads with an open “face” have an angled, self-cleaning screen designed to minimise splashing as leaves and debris are deflected away from the flow of water. This applies to all our rain heads that feature our Clean Shield screens, as well as the Leaf Eater Original.

    If you are still concerned about splashing, consider choosing a rain head with an anti-splash cover such as the Leaf Eater Slimline or Leaf Eater Ultra.

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