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New Product Now Available –

Maelstrom Filter

A single point filter with a ground breaking U-shaped design

– Filters debris down to 180 microns with unique, U shaped 2 filter system
– Significantly increase your water catchment efficiency, even at high flow rates (96% at 36,000 litres / 9,510 gallons per hour in wet systems)
– Filter multiple lines (pipes) at a single point
– Keep leaves and debris out of your tank
– Automatically flush out debris with self-cleaning design
– Prevent mosquitoes, insects and other vermin entering your tank
– Reduce load on post-tank pumps by lowering sediments
– Improve stored rainwater quality
– Reduce light and algae growth in your tank
– Easy install
– Easy to maintain


Please contact us on 1800 06 77 44 if further detail is required


New Slimline Rain Head – Available Now

The Slimline Rain Head has been designed to blend into the architecture of your home. It will discretely fit in alignment with a house post.

The Slimline features an easy removable filter body which contains a mosquito proof stainless steel screen and a red overflow indicator which will pop out alerting when maintenance is needed. The enclosed product also allows for high water flow capture during rainfall.

Slimline Product

Slimline Product

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Guidance on the use of rainwater harvesting systems

Wanting to find out more about rainwater harvesting systems.  The below link provides an overview of water quality, health and operational aspects of rainwater harvesting systems, and proposes a set of guidelines for the installation and operation of these systems.

Guidance on the Use of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

by Associated Professor Peter Coombes