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Vegetation in your gutters, downpipes and tanks can reduce the quality and quantity of the rainwater you harvest.  Most problematic vegetation comes from trees that overhang your property or tank.  However, any vegetation in your area can represent a problem that needs to be managed.

Vegetation is the main cause of several potential Rain Harvesting problems, including anaerobic fermentation, blocked water treatment systems, and everything in between.

Because of this, it’s important to apply the 8 Rain Harvesting steps to your system design in order to limit the entry of leaves, flowers, berries and other vegetation.

Common Issues

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Water loss

Vegetation on your roof and in your gutters can reduce the volume of water you capture due to splashing, spillage and obstructed water flow.

In some cases, vegetation build-up may completely block the flow of water.  Both these forms of water loss can reduce the volume of rainwater that ends up in your tank.

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Pest problems

Obstructed water flow creates pooling water in your gutters. This can attract mosquitoes, possums and other pests that contaminate your system as they use this pooled water to drink and breed.

Animals on overhanging trees can also contaminate your water as they leave behind urine, faeces, fur, feathers, hair and discarded food.

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Gutter gardens

Decomposed vegetation in your gutters can support the growth of weeds and moss, further obstructing and contaminating your water.

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Anaerobic fermentation

In wet systems*, anaerobic fermentation can occur as broken down leaves submerged in water-filled pipes produce sludge, nasty smells and foul water that’s pushed into your tank the next time it rains.

* Systems with underground pipes that hold water
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Ph & tannins

Submerged leaves in your system can increase your water’s acidity, while the tannins they release can turn your water yellow or brown.

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Maintenance issues

Broken down leaves and other vegetation can form sediment that ends up in your tank, blocking treatment systems and increasing the loading on your pumps and filters.

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