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Fine particles that end up on your roof can be washed into your tank when it rains, lowering your rainwater quality or even rendering your supply unfit-for-purpose.  

These fine particles can come from directly around your property or they can be blown onto your roof from many kilometres away. They may include micro-organisms, inorganic compounds, chemicals and by-products from rotting leaves and dead and living animals. 

As such, if you want cleaner, fit-for-purpose water for use around your property, it’s essential that take measures to address the fine particles – and particle load – in your environment. 

Common issues

Metal roof with pile of leaves in the recesses

Roof to tank

Organic and inorganic fine particles that end up on your roof can be washed into your tank when it rains, lowering your rainwater quality or even rendering your supply unfit-for-purpose.

Floating Particles in Murky Water

Visible & invisible

Some particles cause cloudiness as they’re suspended in your rainwater. Others fully dissolve or are too small to see. All can be problematic if they end up in your rainwater supply.

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Organic particles

Organic fine particles can be alive (bacteria, viruses, etc.) or come from decomposed vegetation and dead animals. They can also come from food, fur, feathers, faeces, germs and other nasty things pests leave behind.

Dry deposit stuck to wet tile roof

Inorganic particles

Inorganic fine particles may come from many kilometres away or from nearby, ending up as “dry depositions” on your roof.

Dry depositions are particles from the atmosphere which are blown onto or which settle on to roof tops (vegetation – leafs, twigs, pollens, bird and animal faeces).

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Your building

Building materials (especially asbestos and lead flashing, paint and solder) can contaminate your water as they corrode, crack, flake, degrade from UV or leach chemicals.

Busy Highway

Road traffic

Road dust and exhaust fumes from the roads in your area can end up as inorganic particles in your system.

Crop Duster Spraying Field

Agriculture & industry

Farming and industrial activity can leave hazardous fine particles from dust, soot, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals.

Car Kicking Up Dust On Dry Road

Natural phenomena

Salt from sea-spray, desert dust and ash from volcanoes and bushfires can all end up on your roof and in your system.

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