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Introducing Blue Mountain Co

We may look a bit different, but we’re still the same brand you’ve come to rely upon.

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Why Keep Inorganic Matter Out of Your Rain Harvesting System?

Say “no” to harmful contaminants in your tank

Article, Rain Harvesting

What is Water Security?

It may be one of the greatest challenges facing the modern world, but there is hope

Article, Rain Harvesting

What is “Tanking”?

Article, Rain Harvesting

What is a “Wet” Rain Harvesting system?

With their characteristic network of underground pipes, wet systems come with unique challenges and benefits

Article, Rain Harvesting

What is a “Dry” Rain Harvesting system?

With their straightforward roof-to-tank pipe configuration, dry systems come with unique pros and cons

Article, Rain Harvesting

“Wet” & “Dry” Rain Harvesting systems: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to classifying your Rain Harvesting system type, it’s all in the pipes

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Water Wise Habits

Sustainable water practices are good for your bank balance and good for the planet

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Water Storage & Rainwater Tank Selection

Cost, space and preference can all affect your choice of rainwater tank

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