Leaf Eater Commercial

Rain Heads


Description Code
Leaf Eater Commercial
Rain Heads
150mm RHCL01
225mm RHCL30

Compliance & Guidelines:

  • AS/NZS 3500.3:2003
    • Plumbing and Drainage
  • enHealth Council
    • Guidance on the use of
      rainwater tanks
    • preventing mosquitoes
  • Qld Health Regulations
    1996 (Part 8 – Mosquito





Commercial screened Rain Heads (150mm & 225mm) prevent leaves and debris from blocking downpipes and entering your rainwater tank. Rain Heads are ideal for fitting to each downpipe as they protect the building and improve your tanks water quality.

Features and Benefits

  • High flow rate performance to match commercial requirements
  • Patented single screen technology for advanced debris shedding (Clean Shield™)
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Superior catchment efficiency
  • A single mosquito proof stainless steel mesh screen with 0.955mm aperture
  • Available in ZINCALUME® or Surfmist® colours


Installation Instructions

1.  Select a location for the Rain Head. A Rain Head installed at a height
of 2.6 metres will prevent tampering while providing convenient
access for maintenance.
2.  Cut and bracket the bottom pipe to the wall. Offset the pipe 30mm
from the wall.
3.  Install the Rain Head into the pipe and mark the side flange fastening
holes. Remove the Rain Head and prepare the necessary fastening
points. Fasten the Rain Head to the wall ensuring that it is adequately
supported by the wall structure.
4.  Install pipe above the Rain Head with an offset of 30mm from the wall.
– Cut the outlet of the pipe at an angle of 30 degrees to match the
angle of the screen.
– Position the angled pipe 50mm above the stainless steel screen.





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